Scent is in my opinion the strongest and fastest way to recall memories. Nothing can take you back in time as fast as a scent you remember from the older days; freshly-baked bread, a specific type of laundry detergent or a whiff of old-fashioned garden roses.
As a florist, that’s often a free bonus that comes with our work. When people come to my studio to pick up their flowers, they often tell me how great it smells. Fortunately nowadays, more flowers are grown with attention to scent instead of only for shapes and forms. I personally get really happy from the scent of lilacs and brem but a simple eucalyptus leaf never hurt nobody!

Believe it or not, scent can also act as a real handicap when working with flowers. There are the most beautiful flowers that simply can’t be processed in bouquets too often because of their strong and pervasive scent.

The yellow fritillaria for example, which I once bought because of its beauty, was already causing headaches for people at the wholesale; in a huge cold storage room!
Yet here they are, beautifully displayed, on the table outside but in front of the window for me to enjoy every day.

Interpretation of smells is obviously different for everyone but as a florist, you can be valuable by knowing your customers and give helpful and personal advise.