A moment of farewell deserves special flowers.

BIJZONDERE ROUWBLOEMEN is specialised in the composition of pure and personal farewell flower arrangements
Now is a time in which flowers can play a significant role in the personalisation of funerals
Funeral flower arrangements ask for special attention, experience, insight and care. Not only regarding the arrangement of the flowers, also when it comes to implementation and delivery.
I often visit family members to get an idea of what they have in mind and discuss what will work for them. Hereby, we can easily and carefully talk about the flower arrangements and it gives me a chance to get an image of the deceased.
I make use of example pictures to get the family to talk about their wishes and find out the style and shape that is most suitable for them. I’m also interested in their favourite flowers and of course flowers that are disliked. Another possibility that is often asked for is the option to process flowers from the own garden into the bouquets.
I use the indivual strength and beauty of flowers to really bring forward memories, love and respect in a unique way.
It’s always touching to get positive reactions from the family after delivering the arrangements and it reassures me that I listened well and was able to create something special like they hoped it would be….